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And once again I am faced with the task of reviewing the big picture. Quentin Tarantino. A man of an orchestra, a director who arouses a lot of emotions. Some people love him, others hate him. But it must be admitted that the director is original and inventive. Okay, now I will go to the movie itself - "Reservoir Dogs". A group of professional thieves is commissioned to rob a jeweler. On the spot, it turns out that someone turned them over. Now everyone becomes a suspect ... The film is full of great, one could say iconic scenes. Almost everyone knows how to torture a policeman or choose colors. The fantastic dialogues that perfectly underpin the atmosphere of the film (as in any of Quentin's paintings) deserve recognition. And the very interpretation of Mr. Brown's song "Like a Virgin" is a living legend. I have no objections to acting either. https://ffmovies.ws/year/2020 From this film, the close cooperation of several actors with the director, including Tim Roth (who played a supporting role in "Pulp Fiction" and is said to appear in the forthcoming "Inglorious Basterds") or with Michael Madsen ("Kill Bill" ). Another thing. Music. The film wonderfully complements many great music tracks, introducing "Little Green Bag" or "Stuck in The Middle with You" in torturing the cop. You will ask why I did not give the highest note, if I have not given any minus so far? Well, if I were Quentin, I would have laid out the plot differently. I would place the climax at the end of the film to further increase the viewer's surprise. Although I also see one small underdevelopment here - we do not know what happened to the Heavenly Lord. But that's just my grip on strength. Maybe a few words about the DVD release. If someone counts on a lot of additions, unfortunately they will be disappointed, because the release only includes a trailer and direct access to scenes. I wish the distributors had enriched the album with the comments of the actors or the director, some gags from the set and the like ... Summarizing. "Wściekłe psy" is one of the best debuts of the nineties. The film is a peculiar mixture of strong gangster cinema, crime fiction, thriller and black comedy. So everyone should find something for themselves. I recommend, of course, to fans of Quentin Tarantino's work, if they haven't come across this painting yet. I have watched the movie 5 times so far, but I will definitely come back to it one day (the same is true for "Pulp Fiction"). Really worth!.

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by Dr. Radut.