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By Ashley Ford Common Attic Appliances It is important to inspect the attic air conditioners, swamp cookers and HVAC (heating, ventilating, and cooling) systems periodically. Keep

https://lynnemctaggart.com/forum/members/tuttlepetty20/activity/111060/ out for any signs of wear, tear or loose connections. Be sure to also look around and under the appliances as well. It is important to keep in mind that appliance failures have the ability to cause water damage to anything that lies below it. Recessed Lights Canisters Take a look at the canisters of your recessed lighting for additional information on ways to treat and or avoid excessive attic moisture. Any signs of rust or corrosion is a sign that some form of moisture is seeping in which can result in an electrical hazard. In addition, signs of stains above or around wood or on the insulation around the actual canisters can be a sign of moisture related problems. Also, take the time to consider the possibility of upgrading older recessed light canisters with newer ones that are safer and include built in insulation. Great Tips to Prevent Damage from Water in the Attic: • Make sure that there is plenty of ventilation in your attic, crawl spaces and overhang areas. • Ensure that pipes within the attic are well insulated to prevent freezing. • When it comes to colder seasons, the attic should typically be about five to ten degrees warmer than the air outside in order to prevent ice from melting on the roof. • Always be weary of problems that might occur from seasonal moisture problems.

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http://hometownhomedecor.com/members/roypetty72/activity/146364/ should be promptly investigated even if the area in question is dry at the time. Author's Bio: If you need help preventing water damage , contact Able Restoration for help. Able Restoration offer's a team of experts with years and years of experience behind them when it comes to damage from water and mold remediation They specialize in water damage San Diego, water damage Orange County Post new comment FREE Newsletters Sign-Up Access the best success, personal development, health, fitness, business, and financial advice....all for FREE! Email Address: First Name: Last Name: Related Articles Your e-mail:

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