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Hegy International is one regarding the leading Infestations Handle & Cleaning Service provider within Qatar that has recently been delivering high quality bug treatment, pest control providers & Washing Services to help private houses, restaurants, buildings, hotels, malls and some other commercial shops around Qatar. PEST CONTROL ASSISTANCE 1. Integrated Infestations Managing a couple of. Termite Remedy 4. Bed Bugs Control 4. Cockroach Control 5. Fly as well as Mosquito Control 6. Ratschlag & The death Control seven. Bird/Pigeon Control CLEANING SUPPORT 1. Home Cleaning minimal payments Commercial Cleaning 3. Carpet Cleaning 4. Upholstery cleaning 5 various. Window Cleaning 6. sanitizing Services 7. Floor Cleansing & Waxing 8. Share Cleaning Please send people your inquiry, we are usually on offer at 24 hours If you necessary further any kind of clarification make sure you feel free of charge to call: 77598405 Best Regards, Hegy International Cleaning plus Pest Control Division Pradesh Kumar Sale made Manager Mafia: 00974- 77598405 Email: cleaning@hegyqatar. com P. O. Box 31154 Doha - Qatar Email: Cleaning@hegyqatar. com as well as Web: www.hegyqatar.com http://www.hegyqatar.com/Pest_control_qatar.html http://www.hegyqatar.com http://www.hegyqatar.com/Cleaning_&_Pest_control_qatar.html http://www.hegyqatar.com/Carpet-Cleaning-Qatar.html http://www.hegyqatar.com/Sofa-Upholstery-Cleaning-Qatar.html http://www.hegyqatar.com/AC-Maintenance-Qatar.html




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