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The Powerbeats Pro have caused such a trend, that Asian brands have never been slow to follow suit. The version is named SoundPeats TrueWings and it comes from one of the most popular audio companies. It is a kind of sports TWS cans that match quite well on the ear. This is because they're made up of a semi-elastic hook that acts as a suction cup in the ear. Whether you are thinking about purchasing them, or when you have heard of these... we will tell you what nobody tells. ⭐ My expertise with the SoundPeats TrueWings! To be honest, we've gotten accustomed to this style over the past couple of weeks. This won't be the only review you'll have in the Buyer's Corner. Buy SoundPeats TrueWings at the best price on the market. That I was not in any way worried about the receipt or delivery of the goods. It is a critical store and it ships its own orders . After waiting about two weeks it finally reached its destination (my house ). What's in the box? Cargo box Headphones Warranty card Replacement pads USB type C cable Manual As I have somewhat odd ears. The pads that were included by default did not fit completely. Therefore, I needed to alter them for slightly smaller ones. Then they adapted perfectly. They even completely isolated from the outside by being completely inserted within the ear. Watching sound, which is exactly what lots of people take care of... I will say it does not disappoint. But do not think it's wonderful either. Autonomy is one of its advantages, as it's well above the average. Just belowwe discuss some of its advantages and pitfalls. ✔️ The good I actually like the flexibility of those headphones. Well, they can be used for all. They're in a price range suitable for all budgets. In addition, they offer a fantastic certificate against water and sweat. They are discreet, light, comfortable and at no time will you have the feeling that they are likely to fall off. The battery provides many hours of fun, and also the capacity of this case is enormous. The sound sounds fantastic and while it's not its strongest point, it will not disappoint. ❌ The poor I haven't discovered anything to disappoint me concerning these headphones. However, they might have included a superior codec or proximity sensor. For inquiring... occasionally we are somewhat picky. Battery Endless independence. While that of the charging box reaches 580 mAh. If we translate this into instances we would be talking about an autonomy of 4 hours. But if we count the case, we'd reach 22 hours in line with the maker. That we disagree with following assessing. The period of use of the headphones is close to 4 hours. On the other hand, the one from the box remains around 6pm with the heaps available. The case is billed through a USB type C cable. Which is valued considering the times. It doesn't seem like a long time to me, besides, because of the capacity they've... it's very good. The case, of course, requires a little longer, about 3 hours. I would also like to highlight the battery indicator. This is situated in the central region of the interior of the box. It doesn't disturb and occupies a well used area. Depending on the quantity of LED lights on, the box will have less or more battery available. ➰ Design I really like its design, and I wasn't a big fan of the type of headphones. They are versatile, light and comfortable, but above all discreet, even though the feeling of the opposite. They supply IPX7 certification against splashes of water, dust and perspiration. Something normal considering that they are designed largely for sports use. I wouldn't recommend swimming together, but doing sports, going for a run or going to the gym, for instance. Audio They are not great, but they are rather excellent. We are faced with the same old issue. Gain comfort or shed hearing caliber. With the purchase of these headphones out of SoundPeats precisely that occurs. Even though the audio is not bad, it will not satisfy the toughest. In other words, if you are looking for skilled sound, return to cable. The inner body is made up of a 13.6mm dynamic driver. A little larger than what we're used to. We are not specialists in audio, but we don't observe a balance in each manner. The bass is not exaggerated too much, the bass doesn't go out of its location and also the medium is the medium... As a more technical information that they don't have aptX, however the fundamental AAC and SBC codecs. The handsfree works much better than I anticipated. After having a few calls the microphone has behaved very nicely, even outdoors. However, it has not passed the people's test. That's, to be able to carry on a conversation with a lot of noise. Connectivity Low latency, fantastic connection. How is it otherwise, they use bluetooth 5.0. The sign is much more stable than normal as well as the pairing rate worthy of admiration. On the flip side, we are still not spared from flaws. There's latency, little, however there is, we are not going to fool you. But that won't let you enjoy all the audiovisual articles you want. Audio and image go hand in hand but with a couple milliseconds of difference. Programs like Youtube or Netflix to see films are supported. Proximity is standard, which is, as nearly with most. You can move about 10 meters away from the terminal, if you get it done more hindrance will appear. How can SoundPeats TrueWings work?

https://geekinfinite.com/i88-tws-wireless-bluetooth-earbuds/ believed they were controlled via a physical button. However, this is not the case. They have a very sensitive touch panel that allows you to manage all of its functions with only a few touches. In few places you can get the instruction manual. In fact with the purchase price of this TrueWings comes one. But if you would like to understand how they work before purchasing, we leave you a list with the most used commands. Turn on headphones: take them out of the charging box. Switch off headphones: put them in the case. Pause songs: dual tap. Volume upward: faucet right a couple of times. Volume down: tap left a few times. Next tune: hold right for 1.5s Song backward: grip left for 1.5s Answer or hang up telephone: double tap. Reject telephone: press and hold the headset for 1.5s Activate voice assistant (Google Assitant-Siri): triple tap on the headphones. Where to buy SoundPeats TrueWings? Amazon is one of the favourite portals, and transport times are substantially reduced. However, on AliExpressthey also sell officially. The prices we find are cheaper. That means you should choose the option that suits you the best. Save and wait, or don't wait and invest a little more. Then you'll always have a link to the official shop. Remarks concerning the SoundPeats TrueWings To this day, there are just a few choices for this kind of hearing aid. On the other hand, the few that exist exceed my expectations. Especially, TrueWings would be the best value for money on the market. In addition, we have the safety of this SoundPeats brand and the guarantee they offer. What else do you want? Fantastic sound, sufficient autonomy and for all pockets. If you would like to purchase SoundPeats TrueWings cans and you've got queries, we recommend leaving a comment just below. We will try to reply you as soon as possible and advise you on your purchase.

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