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<p> When my N75 was going bad (shortly after I got chipped) it would overboost with little throttle input and give an overboost code. Its definitely chipped. Held 16 psi in 3rd 4th and 5th gears. Getting on the highway in 3rd gear get on it and didnt want to build boost let out of the pedal back on it and built boost fine and held 16-17psi. CEL then comes on. Do you have a compressor If so build a boost leak detector. The p0299 fault is a generic indicator for lack of boost - either from a leak or low turbo boost. This code could possible signify a sticking vane or vanes in the turbo itself or a problem with the actuator mechanism which controls the vanes angles via a rod from the actuator (vacuum or electronically controlled). While the div valve could be i problem its probably not. While there is always the possibility of some sort of computer-related problem or bad connection you might want to check the condition of the blower motor itself.</p>

<p> 4f9 might be a problem with the blower control module since the fan works on startup for a while. And just to be sure by AC switch you mean the actual AC knob (switch) that you turn to 1 2 3 or 4 for how hard you want air to blow correct Otherwise aside from the resistor on the blower fan or switch is there a relay or fuse somewhere that I could check Thanks. Since its been blowing the past few days and given the exploration list it seems Im down to blower fan motor or resistor pack - BUT Check me on that thought process. The blower fan control module is mounted on the blower fan itself. That leaves the resistor pack which is mounted on the blower motor. It contains a resistor pack that moderates the blower fan speed in discrete steps as the Climatronic control head commands changes. Originally Posted by brianjlenaghan My blower just stopped working on the first three speeds and now only works on the fastest and noisiest one. Originally Posted by MadFish Been lurking for i bit reading up on my wifes car.</p>

<p> Originally Posted by BostonFamilyGuy Just do you know the 99 is a B5 so youre in the wrong forum. I know how you feel about the cold and the lack of proper heating. Try searching air conditioning Yes I know. One more thing button next to AC which control air circulation gets the light on when pushed. I pulled the fan knob control panel and there is no power going to the switch if I run 12V to the leads the fan runs. There are electric motors that operate the flaps in the dash if you have the Climatronic. From there it flows through the ambient temperature switch (prevents AC from running when its crazy cold out) to the relay that turns on the electric radiator fan so it should turn on. Relay 2 (213) on the 8 panel relay panel is the load reduction relay. During starting with https://indextanker2.bladejournal.com/post/2020/08/29/Jak-Nazwa%C4%87-Fi... in the start position the load reduction relay removes positive from fuses of non-essential load including the circuits of the coolant fan. It almost seems like it could be the fan switch based on how it just stopped working. ↑ Vauxhall owner 'could move Astra production from UK' (ang.).</p>

<p> It may be the infamous L hose from a boost leak standpoint. The pressure should be kept to about 10PSI and the leak can be found. https://ourdoings.com/candelariaml/ can also find Chinese-made blower units on ebay for about 50. My old one lasted 112k miles before it started squealing and chattering. I just replaced my fan blowermotor with a new Febi-Bilstein blower unit yesterday. Thanks My passat has 170k on now The fan now works on low speed settings but at 3-5 it just makes a horrible noise. If your speedometer works okay then it looks like the speed signal is not getting to the climatronic unit. Got one from a junkyard for 30 dollars and I got speed 4 back which is better than nothing. I just used a bicycle pump and used PCV pieces from Home Depot. Think back to when you used to put a can in between your bike spokes or something lol Ill have a look at how it repairs when i take it back out I ordered a new one from ebay.</p>

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