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Playing video games has brought about several effects both among adults and kids, whether we like it or not. In one way or another, these video games have completely changed the way people learn about various things with only a click of a mouse or right at their fingertips. Different studies have also approved and contradicted regarding this matter but everything is determined by someone’s viewpoint. Everything will be up to you as to how you play the game and utilize its learning in your daily lives. If you want both education and entertainment, here are some of the games that you can play. •Prodigy Math Game Although Math used to be a very hard subject, there are lots of ways to appreciate and enjoy it today. Prodigy Math Game uses game-based learning to transform education and give students better learning experience. With the new interactive method, things were made easier and more enjoyable. Teaching math is no longer a problem and a challenge, especially to kids because this game will make things less of a bore and more exciting. •Text Twist 2 If you would like more fun and exciting while playing with words, then Text Twist 2 is a game you can try. Make many words from a mix of letters when you get the perfect combination in timed or untimed mode. Make at least one six-letter word to progress to the next round and make your mind even sharper with spelling. Failure to do so will end your game and you have to try again if you wish to have more challenges. •Bridge Base Online Playing card games is great, especially if you want to do it with your friends. Considered as an educational game also, it helps to stimulate your brain and boost its potential. You can choose to play the trick-taking game versus a robot or other players using the standard 52 cards in a deck. •Pinochle Pinochle is another trick-taking card game that uses just 48 cards in a deck and does not require a lot of components. Three or four players can play to make a score to win tricks by forming card combinations into melds. Enhance your mind and be quick to decide in a game that is very simple and easy to play. Gather your lot and take time to bond with each other while learning another thing as you go along. •BitLife You always make choices every day of your life and each choice will lead to certain paths because it can have a positive or negative impact. The simulation game called BitLife involves character and they will face various choices that will impact his life while growing up. However, some choices will also have minimal or no major effect at all. It’s up to you to decide while you also consider other factors that can impact your choices. •

https://sites.google.com/view/prodigy-math-game-pc Use a program that is tailored for their strengths and weaknesses to develop your child’s confidence and ability in math. DoodleMath uses the award-winning technology Proxima to analyze and intelligently develop a unique program for each learner. However, a subscription is needed to get all access to DoodleMath Premium and enjoy all of its fascinating features.

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