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Shaving, the practice of shaving, is a sensitive issue. Some people will take offense at the idea of being branded as a shave slut.

http://humphreygardner5.eklablog.com/can-be-leg-shaving-becoming-popular... But most guys are worried about the simplest elements of having a good shave. It is also a matter of cleanliness and to some extent a matter of fashion.

Men shave for different reasons. A ritual could be a way of belonging to a outlaw fraternity or defining masculinity or some guys use it. Men of centuries have different ways of adhering to the ritual of shaving. While some use blades using wax and many others use combs to smooth the hair prior to shaving, others think that the way is using the blade. No matter the reason for using the razor, we know that it is a romantic and personal part of our lifetime we participate in for the purposes of personal grooming, status and self-esteem. The shaving ritual involves scraping or shaving the face, neck, back, and upper torso. The first thing we do is put some oil on the face, neck, back and upper body, then we start scraping against the skin stopping sometimes to use oil. After we believe the hair is smooth and that the skin have cleaned completely, we proceed to trimming the hair on the face, neck, back and upper torso. We apply a good moisturizer and then wash our face with soap and water. Once this is done, we use a fresh layer of shaving cream and carefully ensure the hair is not too near the skin. Shaving cream has an important element in the ritual. Some lotions have . Never shave at night. Using oil and a razor is quite important to protect yourself from migraines and cuts. It is the very best time to wash your face, apply the very best shaving lotion, before going to bed and moisturize your skin.

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by Dr. Radut.