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<p>Clomid, a synthetic hormone in the form of a synthetic hormone pill, is usually recommended to women who wish to conceive. The pill is supposed to help women in their efforts to have a baby. However, one might be concerned about its possible side effects. The FDA and other agencies have made sure that the product is safe for pregnant women, as well as those who want to have a baby but have a low sperm count. The pill is not recommended for women who have not been pregnant for more than a year, nor for women who smoke. It also should not be used by women who have medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and a history of cancer. Clomid should also not be used by women who are breast-feeding, are pregnant, or have breast enlargement surgery.</p>


<p>Clomid is generally sold without a prescription, but it is better if you ask your doctor if you should use the product. The FDA requires all medications sold without a prescription to have a label that lists all of the ingredients. In addition, they also require that the label contain a complete list of all ingredients, their concentration, and how the dose should be administered. There are also some online pharmacies that sell Clomid without prescription. If http://pergotimepris.com/ are using Clomid to help you get pregnant, be sure that you are not buying from an online pharmacy, as they might have a different set of guidelines for dealing with the purchase than those that you have found when buying from the pharmacy.</p>

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