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After eighteen numerous years of practicing massage therapy in Cincinnati and Naples, Florida, like some period spent traveling with professional sports teams, Kathy Dandurand has returned for you to Tiffin, opening an place of work within the Laird Building within downtown Tiffin. Dandurand’s process, Serenity Farm Massage Remedy, opened up this summer about the second floor associated with the Laird Building, one hundred twenty S.

http://www.meetkr.com , a new release from Tiffin-Seneca Monetary Partnership states. Dandurand makes a speciality of myofascial and active launch therapy, according to the particular release. Dandurand also has a practice in the Sandusky/Huron area, and previously acquired practices in Cincinnati in addition to Florida, it states. In Cincinnati, she worked with gamers from the Cincinnati Yellows and Bengals, the launching says.

“I was blessed and raised here, and I’m content to be in a position to come back together with carry my business enterprise in this case, ” Dandurand said. “It can make me very pleased to see the development of downtown Tiffin plus consider part in that. ” Tyler Shuff of Shuff Talking to said “I’m delighted i was able in order to help Kathy get a location in the Laird Developing and make it achievable for her to deliver her practice in order to Tiffin. ” For more facts concerning Serenity Farm Rub Therapy or to program an consultation, call Dandurand with (419) 618-0020.

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