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Statistics Classes: Brainy, Beastly Superpowers: Signature: Witch's Familiar - Make Zom-Bats. Others: Summoning - Make a random Zombie that costs 2BrainPvZH or less. Evaporate - Destroy a damaged Plant. Draw a card.

https://www.evernote.com/shard/s400/sh/6cd9e94b-8316-462b-8c95-df57e830e... - All Plants on the Ground get -1StrengthPvZH/-1HeartPvZH. Boss Fights: Plant Mission 05: Beware the Bewitching Zombie Plant Mission 15: Haunting at Morbid Manor Plant Mission 22: A Grave Situation Plant Mission 38: The Witch's Brew Bubbles Over! Battle Area: Haunted Mansion Hero description Yes, she's a Zombie AND a witch. She believes death is too short to limit oneself. Strategies PvZHeroes.com strategy Immorticia always has a surprise up her sleeve with a vast variety of Tricks, from growing her Zombies or destroying Plants outright! With Immorticia has a complicated class combination of Brainy and Beastly zombies. This means she has access to both bonus attacks and powerful buffing tricks. She has access to the typical science and pet zombies, as well as powerful tricks such as Vitamin Z, Lurch for Lunch, Fun-Dead Raiser, and Hail-a-Copter. These tricks, combined with cards that grant extra brains, can make Paparazzi Zombie extremely powerful. Locust Swarm and Maniacal Laugh also have the potential to turn the tide of battle in the late game. Immorticia has the potential to allow selected zombies to last longer than normal on the battlefield, and consequently deal more damage. A particular example is the Paparazzi Zombie, which has the greatest synergy with Vitamin Z. Playing Vitamin Z on Paparazzi gives it a massive +4StrengthPvZH/+4HeartPvZH for 3 brains. Likewise, Immorticia can also boost PvZH Truestrike IconBullseye zombies such as Pool Shark, causing devastation that her opponent cannot block. Gentleman Zombie also has great use with Immorticia, as he will allow Immorticia to play more expensive tricks early. As stated by Crazy Dave, Immorticia's classes give her amazing Gargantuar synergy. Her Brainy class gives her access to Wizard Gargantuar and Gargantuar Mime while her Beastly class allows her to use most of the Gargantuar zombies, including Smashing Gargantuar. Wizard Gargantuar gives all Gargantuars PvZH Truestrike IconBullseye, while Smashing Gargantuar gives all Gargantuars PvZH Frenzy IconFrenzy. Both of these two combined will make incredible threats. However, her most deadly combo is Teleport + Zombot 1000, which will destroy all newly played plants and also make Zombot 1000 invulnerable to threats like Squash or Lawnmower. In fact, Immorticia is the only hero who can do it normally without the need of help from cards that can give off-class cards. However, Immorticia's vast trick disposal is also her hugest downfall. Having tons of tricks is great for a deck, but can also impact it a lot. Fewer zombies can be really bad for a hand, especially in the early game. Plant cards such as Dark Matter Dragonfruit, Brainana and Forget-Me-Nuts can also put a huge dent in her strategies if used frequently. Immorticia players should not try and put every single trick in a deck, as they will clog the deck and likely make a poor deck. However, Haunting Zombie can solve this a bit, as it is a good early game tool to have with decks with minimal zombies. Another weakness that Immorticia has is that she cannot easily deal with rush decks due to the lack of The Chickening and Weed Spray. She has access to Sneezing Zombie that can help deal with rush decks, but she can only do so much aganist high-health plants. The only thing Immorticia can do in order to deal with rush decks is to fight fire with fire or use early-game stat-lowering cards like Nibble and Extinction Event. Against Immorticia must be dealt with as early as possible. Beastly heroes need a few turns to truly begin boosting. Her Brainy class helps her do this earlier than others, provided that her important brain-granting zombies survive. One method is to adapt to her powerful bag of tricks. Distributing buffs evenly between a large number of plants on the board will minimize the value of Locust Swarm and Rocket Science. Putting too many boosts on a single plant makes it a target for the above mentioned tricks. Rushing Immorticia with cheap, high-attack plants such as mushrooms to deal heavy damage is an example of this method. Another option is to copy her playstyle, buffing or healing plants while preventing zombies from being buffed and removing heavily buffed zombies is effective, although the match may be in a stalemate for a long time. Outsmarting her with your own tricks is also an option, although certain plant heroes may find this method problematic, especially if they are not Smarty heroes. #plantvszombie3 #pvz PVZ 3 Plant vs zombie 3 vs boss immorticia zombie Like and subscribe to get more videos. Thank for watching!!!!! Subscribe: https://bit.ly/327ZkwA

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