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Define the which means of the term Search Engine Optimisation (Search engine marketing). The term "search engine marketing" was popularized by Danny Sullivan in 2001 12 to cover the spectrum of activities involved in performing Search engine optimisation, managing paid listings at the search engines, submitting web pages to directories, and building on the internet marketing and advertising tactics for businesses, organizations, and men and women.

Rather basically, you want to be in that hub, at the centre if feasible (having said that unlikely), but at least in it.

https://gumroad.com/9474099145160/p/search-engines-promoting-brill-infos... I like to think of this a single as a very good issue to keep in mind in the future as search engines get even much better at determining topical relevancy of pages, but I have under no circumstances actually noticed any granular ranking benefit (for the page in question) from linking out. The ‘Keyword Not Provided' incident is just 1 instance of Google generating ranking in organic listings HARDER - a transform for ‘users' that seems to have the most impact on ‘marketers' outdoors of Google's ecosystem - yes - search engine optimisers. Assure redirected domains redirect by way of a canonical redirect and this also has any chains minimised, even though BE Confident to audit the backlink profile for any redirects you point at a page as with reward comes punishment if these backlinks are toxic (an additional example of Google opening up the war that is technical search engine marketing on a front that isn't, and in fact is converse, to developing backlinks to your web site).


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