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Classic cars now protected against theft by modern tracking tech THE latest technology now available that can owners recover their stolen classics. With classic cars becoming more wanted in recent years with a resultant increase in values across the board their attraction to car thieves has raised. With modern classics' from the 70s and 80s also in the sights of thieves there've been at least 35 thefts of Fords from the era in the last year owners are turning to modern tracking technology to help them recover their vehicles if they get stolen. Small, discreet GPS-enabled tracking devices fitted by companies for example Bluetrack are now being fitted by owners to ensure that their cars can't disappear completely. A recent government report found that vehicles made typically the 80s are proportionally more likely to be stolen than modern cars. Indeed,

https://tracki.com/collections/gps-trackers see many older models as profitable acquisitions, with the cars often being separated and sold as spare parts to other classic car coin collectors. With demand of those classics now in an all-time high, classic car owners discover that determined thieves are bypassing one more thing the traditional anti-theft measures. This is now leading to owners considering GPS tracking as a post-theft solution, to help the chances of recovery if their vehicle is targeted by criminals. Keith Walker, director of Bluetrack said, For owners associated with those classic vehicles, as being a victim of theft is a huge blow both financially and emotionally no amount of insurance can replace the years and months of work and journeys made in a unique and rare to find retro vehicle. CAR BEING BROKEN IN TO CLASSIC CAR GETTY Many thieves bypass many traditional anti-theft devices "All of our GPS tracking machines are easy to install and are tiny and discreet, making them almost invisible to your criminal. "Even if anticipating does happen, the area of the car can be tracked remotely, dramatically increasingly the likely hood of it being found by assets and it returning back to its rightful owner.

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