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The Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach mostly lives under loose bark on trees, and inside hollow trees. You'll also find them living under shake that decorates houses, and frequently in piles of wood.

https://farmerparks6.bladejournal.com/post/2020/02/07/Pest-Control-Riddi... grows to its shortest amount of seven-eighths inch long, or higher to 1 along with a quarter inches. The female is shorter with lengths that cover anything from one-half inch approximately three-fourth inch. This can be a long, narrow cockroach. The color with the adult is dark chocolate. A creamy white band edges the back in the adult's head. Male Pennsylvania roaches are strong flyers, and also have wings that extend the complete period of their health.

http://farmerfarmer2.iktogo.com/post/unexpected-problems-caused-by-your-... don't fly so much. Their wings only cover their stomachs. The color in the wing is light tan. Wood roach eggs hatch in summer. The babies grow to adulthood over the cold months of winter. This insect mates in spring after reaching maturity. During the mating season any light attracts the male. They often fly right into a home (toward the light) through open doors and windows. The female grows typically thirty egg capsules during her life. Each capsule is just about a half-inch long, and holds thirty-two to thirty-six eggs. When the capsule is ready for hatching she places it under loose tree bark, in piles of wood, or similar places where there's protection for them until they hatch. This cockroach lives abundantly in wooded areas over the United States. As

http://b3.zcubes.com/v.aspx?mid=2869800 (Pennsylvania) suggests it thrives in northern states. The wood roach is quite active all year-long, even over the cold winter season. Contrary to the species this roach is not strictly an exotic insect. Pennsylvania Wood Cockroaches frequently invade homes located in woods or near wooded areas. These invasions aren't intentional on the part in the roach. This insect is definitely an outdoor creature. It cannot live in the home environment. Once it enters a household it soon dies. The Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach doesn't pose any infestation threat to your home. You'll rarely see this roach inside your home. If you do see this insect inside you can neglected if you like. Or you can capture it, release it back outdoors, or kill it and throw it within the trash. When you see the wood roach living under shake siding readily insecticide spray to eliminate it. For most sightings in the Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach no pest management therapy is necessary.

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by Dr. Radut.