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</center> Components add a significant amount of functionality to a Joomla site, and they usually have their own control center. Log into the back end of Joomla and look under the Component window and you'll see the components that are currently installed. Provide a service online for something you have a talent for. Web design is always needed. So is installing a blog, graphic design and search engine optimization. If you use flash or large graphics, which take to long to load, most people leave without figuring out what your site is about. The attention span on the Net is short! Definitely use the Google keyword tool. It's free, easy to use and gives suggestions for other keywords and phrases you might want to try. Other sites to try are Wordtracker and Nichebot. No doubt you will have had this drummed into you by now; keywords, keywords, keywords. It is true that having keywords throughout each page will help your Google rankings but don't crowbar them in for the sake of it! This might get you found on Google but will make your site less readable. As an owner of the website, you must ensure that it has sufficient content for visitors to read and spiders to crawl. The objective of your website is to provide information about your service or product and try to sell them to your visitors. The content should be engaging and valuable in the first place.

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