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We don’t have a weight limit but you must be able to fit into one of our life jackets to ride. We do have larger sizes available. If

https://www.newzealandmotorhome.com/britz-voyager/ are unable to get into and out of the jet boat without assistance,you are required to have two support people who are able to get you in and out and they must also be booked on your trip. Please contact our friendly team if you have any other questions or wish to enquire about the suitability of this experience. Enjoy personalized service, world-class cuisine and comfortable lodge accommodation during this small-group tour, limited to 16 participants. Zoom over the waters of the Waikato River on a jet boat during this 35-minute excursion. The course is flawless and the supernatural landscape is undoubtedly the most impressive that one can find to practice the jet boat in New Zealand. The South Island dominates this ranking of New Zealand's best jet-boat trips. The North Island saves the honor thanks to the Huka Falls Jet, coming at the second position. The jet boat as it is practiced in New Zealand is more like a theme park attraction than a means of transportation! Way back when, the Hamilton Jet Boat system was designed in New Zealand, where it played an important role in offering transport to otherwise inaccessible agricultural land. These days, the jet boat is well-loved in New Zealand for a different reason. The Shotover Jet, known as the most thrilling jet boat ride in the world, will take you on a hair-raising ride through the Shotover Canyons in Queenstown. You can also enjoy a Dart River Jetboat Safari in Glenorchy, which will take you on a less scary but equally breathtaking cruise through the splendid Mt Aspiring National Park. Power deep into Skippers Canyon on New Zealand’s greatest jet boat adventure, ‘Skippers Canyon Jet’. Experience unbeatable value as you are taken on a spectacular guided tour of Skippers Canyon followed by a thrilling jet boat ride through the narrowest canyons on the Shotover River.


<li>To consider, however, at the end of your stay, if your itinerary passes nearby.</li>

<li>Besides the unbelievable excitement of the jet boat ride, you will also be informed of the amazing history and geography of this stunning area, by your highly-skilled jet boat driver &amp; guide.</li>

<li>Packing in those famous 360 spins and dramatic canyon walls as you discoverthe Kawarau River and its pristine wilderness.</li>

<li>Jet Boating in New Zealand is a Kiwi thing,&nbsp;developed in the 1950s by New&nbsp;Zealand farmer William (Bill) Hamilton, to allow navigation of the shallow Canterbury rivers.</li>

<li>The jet boat gives access to places often inaccessible on foot.</li>

<h2>How many cargo ships are at sea right now?</h2>Home of one of the largest cruise ports and boat shows in the world, we'd say it's pretty accurate to call Fort Lauderdale, “the boating capital of the world.” In

https://www.newzealandmotorhome.com/campervan-hire-new-zealand/ of fishing and boating, Fort Lauderdale's biggest rival is the Bahamas, which is only 50 miles from South Florida. In itself, it's indeed a nice activity, but I doubt you had decided to visit New Zealand just for a jet boat ride in a port, no matter how beautiful it may be. Attention, do not confuse “Huka Falls Jet” and the “Rapid Jet” company from Taupo which delivers an honorable jet boat activity, but far inferior to the one from Huka Jet.

<h2>Dart River Wilderness Jet &amp; Dart Stables ComboQueenstown</h2>

<h2>Do you have to name your boat in NZ?</h2>&quot;Boats powered only by oars or paddles do not have to be named, but the name and address of the owner or operator must be displayed on body of the boat.&quot; With

https://www.newzealandmotorhome.com/britz-explorer/ ranging from 1 hour to 5.5 hours, we offer our clients the opportunity to experience a true, kiwi, iconic adventure. Rapids Jet is a fun, safe &amp; exhilarating experience which takes you to the Aratiatia Rapids, through the narrowest canyon on the river to the Fuljames rapids where scenes from Yogi bear &amp; hobbit were filmed. So would I recommend the Shotover Jet to visitors to Queenstown? Umm, hell yes. I brought a friend along, too — Jeremy of Travel Freak — and we had a blast yelling and laughing as our driver sped through the canyon and over rough bits of river.

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