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A Facebook Messenger Bot is an application that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) in order to interact with users via chat. Simply put, these automated bots understand what a user is asking and then can formulate an appropriate reply in a much more human-like fashion. As you might expect, a Messenger Bot will completely change the face of online marketing, sales and customer service as we know it - and for the greater. Indeed, marketers of today can do much more than simply write down and email marketing campaigns; they can now automate these messages and responses to help their customers as effectively as possible. As part of Facebook's Messenger Bot project, the company has created some incredibly intelligent and customizable software. The end result? The ability to automate your business in an entirely new way with the assistance of a Messenger Bot. A good example of how this works would be with email marketing campaigns. If you currently run any email marketing campaigns, you know how tedious it can be to actually make people read your emails. If your business relies on email marketing, you probably already know that spamming people is not a good idea in any way - but a Messenger Bot can ensure that your messages are read and that they get to the person that you are attempting to reach in the most effective way. Facebook Messenger Bot applications have the ability to do much more than just respond to specific inquiries. For instance, they can send out newsletters and updates to your fans, and even auto respond to questions and comments that your customers may ask. They also have the ability to track your statistics, such as how many times your posts were clicked on, which people visited your page and what kind of traffic your site received. These can be invaluable sources for tracking trends and finding areas of improvement in your company. As I mentioned earlier, these types of bots are designed using artificial intelligence and are able to adapt to their surroundings. In fact, many Messenger Bots is able to recognize the language that your customers are using on their phones or tablets, and automatically adjust their responses based on the specific language that they use. In

https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/messengerbot-app-facebook-messenger-bo... , this allows for better and more natural interactions between your business and its customers - allowing for more efficient interactions on both ends.

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